Zamora Officially Retires

Discussion in 'Fulham FC News and Notes' started by jumpkutz, Dec 9, 2016.

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    I think it had been a foregone conclusion, perhaps even assumed, but he made it social media official yesterday or today. When he was healthy, he was as good as any attacker we've fielded in the recent history of the club. Fortunately for our club, we benefited from many of his best moments on the pitch. The club posted a highlight reel of his best goals, but favorite is still the blind pirouette and chip to Clint against Newcastle for Deuce's only Premier League hat trick.
    At any rate, Fulham enjoyed some of the best moments in it's history with Bobby Z and friends at the top of their games, and for that we should be thankful and remember him fondly.
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    Oh, when the ball hits your head and your sat in row Z, that's Zamora.
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    No words necessary

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    It's worth noting for our newer members that there's a solid consensus in Fulham World that Shaktar Donetsk was the most talented side ever to play at the Cottage. Their football was nothing short of breathtaking. The two major reasons they went out of the Europa League and we went forward are (1) Bobby and (2) Zamora.
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