When you Pander to SIG's, Things Get Out Of Hand.

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    Canada PM determined to root out Consulate Mole.

    Which has conservatives triangulated, at first glance... Punish the obvious conservative who pointed out the pander? In the link, Ed Morrissey explains why this is necessary.
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    In related news, from my point of view:

    Obama and Clinton both kiss the US unions' asses, and shit-head Dayton factory worker complains in an Obama radio ad about jobs being shifted overseas..as the former Delphi grunt says: "..first to Mexico, then to China." Look what happens when someone TRIES to keep those jobs in the US!

    UAW goes on strike against American Axle

    At issue is pay cuts for non-seniority {by previous contract} workers, in order to compete with contracts negotiated by competitors.

    I KNOW something about this stuff as I am a former Dayton GM worker and belonged to those 'Unions who protect the little factory guy', not to mention my whole immediate family worked there.

    Unions dont do SHIT to maintain US quality and productivity! If the US factory workers really insisted on turning out a quality product, they would be kicking out their own co-workers when they cut corners and put out crap parts {or dont do a DAMN THING their entire shift!}.

    They would also push back against COMPANY lower level/shift management which counts success only in numbers off the end of the line, disregarding rework percentages.... which even into the nineties, long after the Japanese had established zero-defect was possible, remained the practice.

    No... there's no DEBATE about the 'shifting jobs out of the country' issues when my family gets together, there's only a 'Bitch Session' about the shortsighted labor / floor management which continues to manufacture crap. Even while we only drive 'American Made'.

    And not made any better when companies like American Axle and Dana TRY to keep production in the US, but Dems pander to the 'classist Us V Them' paradigm.

    More.. including UAW strike on Volvo
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