Watching Fulham in 2021/22

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    The EFL has updated their list of TV providers for the 2021/22 season. ESPN and Disney Streaming Services (referenced as BAMTech) hold the rights. It looks like it will be a similar situation to the last season in the Championship where some games will require an ESPN+ subscription to watch while others will require an FFCTV subscription. However, Fulham does not yet have an FFCTV package available on their site for 2021/22 so the exact arrangement remains to be seen.

    Meanwhile I found it interesting that the Fulham website promoted subscribing to their YouTube channel. The channel description infers that there will be highlights on the YouTube channel with "exclusive content" still available on FFCTV. A few years ago the YouTube channel was a dead space with almost no content. Last season they started showing highlights again, but they were generally inferior to the highlights from NBC, so I seldom bothered watching. In the off-season there have been a number of clips related to training, flashbacks, and the new manager. Hopefully at a minimum they will get serviceable highlights on YouTube so we don't have to go begging at other team channels.
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    I guess I shall retain my ESPN+ for another year.
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