Voinovich boo-hoo's again

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by pettyfog, Jul 29, 2009.

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    Because any discussion of the REAL issues, on merit, seems to offend other geezer on here....

    Posted in anything goes cause it aint hardly news to those who know him.
    Voinovich: The GOP’s been taken over by southerners

    I posted the link to HotAir, if you dont want to read 'opinion' of his odd blather, just click the link there.

    I'm gonna say again, we nominal GOP'ers in SW Ohio tend to vote for George in deference to NE residents. We boosted Dewine out {by failure to vote for him} because we felt he wasnt representing US. And Taft.. we ALL disliked him. The 'same old' factor, ya know.

    Au Contraire to Tearful George, though, the problem for the electorate is not 'Southerners', the problem's in his shaving mirror.

    If he thinks he represents the values of the entire state, he is out of his mind. The Urban/NE/Beltway RINO's pay a lot of homage to 'big' tent but they seem to dismiss any Republican who wont just go along to get along.

    It wasnt a 'Reagan-esque' Administration that soured voters. And it certainly was not a 'Contract with America' GOP congress that went down in flames in '06. {I'd make a reference to 'Rockefeller Republicans' but that would go too far back.}

    Suffice to say, you dont do politics effectively if you dont stake out a 'firm position' from which to negotiate. That's how it works. Contrary to how some think it SHOULD work, reality is a bitch cause no one ends up totally happy.

    Awaiting Mo...
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    I have no problem with what is being discussed on the site, Mr. 'fog. I just don't want to participate all that much. I'm not trying to discourage you. I'm just censoring myself.

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