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    It's a few days off, but I got to thinking as I stared at the ceiling, too excited to sleep -- at the risk of discounting Slovenia and Algeria too much, we have a damn good chance of winning this group. I don't see England keeping a clean sheet, and while the same could be said about the US, I feel marginally better about our chances. I thought our defense, after the Gerrard goal which was mostly due to a lapse by Clark, was pretty damn good, Stevie C was a rock, I went on about Gooch and DeMerit, and Bocanegra had the best game as a aleft back that I have seen in a while. And some guy named Timmy is between the sticks -- think England would like to have him?

    A big concern is Chrundolo's yellow card -- the 2 card threshhold for suspension is pretty harsh in my opinion, but damn, I am worried about us if he sits a game.

    I know not too much about this Slovenia team, other than if your playmaking midfielder is Robert Koren, I ain't that scared of you. They kick off v Algeria in 20 minutes. Come on you Yanks!
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