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    This was a cool story. The club was started by fans that didn’t want it to be government funded in East Berlin in the 60’s. Took them 53 years to reach the Bundesliga. The club for the price of a SRO ticket took pics from the fans of deceased loved ones and players and turned them into banners for the home opener so they could witness Union’s debut.
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    Here's a little follow-up. As you may know, I follow Borussia Dortmund every match, and that's how I was introduced to Union. I think I'm really going to pay attention to these guys. For one thing, they took Dortmund apart as easily as Dortmund took Bayern Munich apart in Germany's "supercup" -- and they did it with screw-respect-for-our-elders flat out attacking entertainment.

    But what really caught my attention was their support. Dortmund has the Yellow Wall in a stadium that holds 80+k. Union's ground holds less than does the Cottage, but MAN are their supporters committed and LOUD. They have huge sections of seating where EVERYBODY is in red. It almost hurts the eyes to watch.

    Check them out one weekend morning on Fox Sports 1 or 2. You'll get a kick out of the players, the ground, and especially the support.
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