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    for some people, anyway.

    Watch two talking heads that have a hard time seeing anything good about their country:
    PBS: Bill Moyers interviews Jeremiah Wright tonight {Friday} at 9 Eastern.

    Wright argues 'out of context' but, of course, doesnt close the argument.
    I suggest you watch the exchange in context of what Wright said last week about his relationship with Obama, and Obama 'disavowing' Wright's statements:
    {paraphrased}'He's a politician, he says what he has to say; I'm a pastor, I say what I have to say.'

    UPDATE: Don Surber points out Moyers' different view of each side of the theology fence, in how he treats the subject of McCain/Hagee and Obama/Wright.

    What a despicable little man, masquerading as 'investigative journalist'.. but when you believe Jesus {on the off chance he actually existed} was a socialist, that's what you get.

    There's a link to the Wright interview on that site, as well.
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    Obama on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace

    This is being discussed with the usual hilarious takes on the lefty blogs.

    Kos reader/commenters are outraged, knowing Obama will have to waste time explaining why he associates with so many America Bashers. TalkLeft commenters {pro-Hillary}are torn .. they want to see Wallace ask Obama the hard questions but hate Fox anyway.

    So, that's the best bet... tune in or Tivo FNS to see 'hater/agent of Evil/retard/Murdoch Tool' Chris Wallace in action against the new messiah.

    Rather read than watch? Me too.

    Suggest a little trip back in time - just a few months- where another Obama 'advisor' called bullshit on the possibility that North Korea and Syria were in cahoots.

    Of course he based that on the precept that neither country would lie about it. And, of course, 'Bush Lied' on Iraq.

    what would you expect from a 'Progressive' though.
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    'Fair and Balanced' Section:

    Condi Rice continues her bizarre behavior and shows an apparent lack of organization at State.

    'We asked Carter not to talk to Hamas' turns out to be not exactly true. We all know the statements that State made for public consumption, not to mention that everyone anywhere right of near left thought it was a stupid idea, but Carter says no one at state told him not to go. The one junior position contact was full of pleasantries but WITHOUT the bald statement 'DONT DO IT'.

    And no matter how big an idiot Carter actually IS, he isnt going to lie about that. Rice herself should have talked to Carter and absolutely forbade it!

    OTOH, perhaps it was a Rovian trick to make Carter the fool, again. If so, it worked.
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