TurkeyDay 'classics' - Classless Lions: fire Millen, NOW!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by pettyfog, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. pettyfog

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    Jan 4, 2005
    According to reports, the Lions PA announcer only used numbers when announcing Miami players EXCEPT for Joey Harrington.. who had put in four seasons with no hope under Lions GM Matt Millen. One has to assume they hoped to spark the 'Boo-Birds' in the crowd.. but it probably didnt work.

    William Clay Ford has essentially admitted he cant operate Ford Motor Co effectively, and it looks as though he is just as clueless when it comes to the Lions.

    That the Dolphins made Detroit look the chumps they are made it sweeter for all of us that demand a modicum of performance in the NFL.
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    Thankful for 3 games on Thursday..
    - seen on an ESPN video opinion.

    Uh... no!

    Because the LAST of those games, Denver at Kansas City, is shown on the inaugural Live game telecast of a game scheduled especially for it.

    Now, on that game itself, I dont really care... but there's two things about it bother me:

    1. If this catches on and enough fans and cable carriers sign up, there will be more and more games available only on digital cable, and as part of a premium special package, as well.
    - I'm putting off getting digital as long as possible, maybe till I get HDTV.

    2. I'm all in favor of free markets but this smacks of over the top. Wont be long until they find a way to charge us fractional ticket prices per local game AND they keep the commercials.

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    Lamar Hunt; the Godfather of the modern NFL, and MLS soccer besides, was forced to listen by phone in his Houston hospital bed... because it seems that hospital didnt subscribe to the NFL channel.

    Anyone who ever casually met Mr Hunt knows he's far from the 'uppity' type, but you have to wonder if son Clark coulndt have pulled some strings and quickly put up a dish to feed into the hospital system... shhh... wouldnt even have had to tell the NFL.
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    Meanwhile the state of Missouri is upset to find that the Chiefs' stadium agreement was amended, without their noticing it, to reflect the {2007-on} NFL policy of each team playing one home game outside the US every 16 years.

    Missouri stands to lose about half a million in tax revenue - in that year.
    Note: Can we divide 500,000 by 16?
    - Of course they take a hit on St Louis, as well... if they are still there.

    Perhaps the state should ask for a codicil stipulating revenue from team apparel sales.
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    Jan 6, 2005
    RE: TurkeyDay

    As a Lions fan, I have to second everything that Pettyfog just said.

    On the NFL Network debacle, don't be surprised to see it show up on Capitol Hill. Congress gave the NFL (and other leagues) the right (despite antitrust laws) to sell games as a group to networks. There have been congressman who have said that this (the league using its monopoly power on pro football to take $.70 from every cable subscriber every month) was not what the law intended.
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    Jan 4, 2005
    Re: RE: TurkeyDay

    Of course you do... I AM the "World's Foremost Authority", after all... not to mention Jedi Tutor to Jar-Jar...

    Thanks for expanding on the issue, though... that, too!

    If the NFL wants to soak us, let it be on the HD telecasts; that's the only real competition to ticket sales.

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