Transfer Rumours: January 2006

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    Might as well start a good one, and get a jump on it!

    As some MLS wonks know, the Crew was desperate for a keeper since Jon Busch went down and whats-is-name seems perenially on the disabled list! {bye-bye, Matt Jordan!}.

    The Metro's GM Alexi Lalas wanted to bring in old pal Tony Meola for backup/mentor of the favored youngster Zach Wells.

    Thus Jonny Walker was available for a song, well actually for a verse of a song! He wanted starting play enough to take a $100,000 pay cut to league minimum to come to Columbus.

    Even under Andrulis' dispirited regime, he was notable for his skills and since the managerial change has been a blinder!

    1 goal allowed, 2 shutouts in 3 games

    Now the people on the offal board are whining that Fulham has no real #1, injuries to both Crossley and Drobny seem to have some in a tither and Baptista, tho promising, is too young to take proper command.

    I had wished CC to take a chance on Keller, though I had underestimated him somewhat, as the guide dog, last winter.. now I know for sure Walker will be available, starting October, as the Crew doesnt have cap room for both him and Busch.

    The sticky point is, of course, the work permit as Walker has no appreciable International time.
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