Times have changed

Discussion in 'Fulham FC News and Notes' started by Clevelandmo, May 13, 2010.

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    Sep 13, 2007
    For most lifelong Fulham supporters that will be last nights historic game. It was massive and I know they enjoyed it. I did too, but alas I was home alone to watch it until my kids got home from school. I had some wonderful company in the chatroom but I would still have rather been in Hamburg or at a pub filled with passionate fans. Also, not growing up with European football in my veins, I can tell the "european final" thing doesnt have the same impact with me that it does with those from across the pond.

    An FA cup final would be something that I could relate to more, and sometimes I think nothing will ever surpass the Great Escape for me. With the great escape, I remember specific instances, pictures, moments suspended in time forever. I remember meeting Mike, Katie, Terri, Patrick, Steve, Nick, etc at the Golden Lion and how our hope for that season, and the premiership, was nearly extinguished that day with the loss to Sunderland. I remember the strangers that I tried to talk with at the Lion; they tried to exchange words with the clueless American but in the end they couldnt really talk because they were too nervous about the game, about the team they supported as season ticket holders.

    I remember the chatroom for the Man City match. Most left after we went down 2 - nil (many had valid excuses) but a handful stayed til the final moments. I remember how Terri left and came back so that we would score 3 goals. I remember watching Dio score that sublime 3rd goal while me, my husband and my oldest son watched on a tiny computer screen and screamed in disbelief when it went in the net. I remember the cell phone chick jumping up and down, I remember the story of American Mike's parents being at that game (their 1st FFC game) and crying when it was over. I remember SteveM19's nearly incoherent message on my answering machine after he saw the replay - something only marginally eclipsed by Paul Mearsons unforgetable onscreen reaction to Dio's goal.

    After ManCity you had Birmingham and Portsmouth. For the B'ham match, Steve and I met up at a local pub willing to open early for us. Some classy B'ham supporters showed up via my post on the offal. I brought a scientist from Oxford who was in town for business. Before the match he found out via a text from England that he had just become a grandfather. He was a Liverpool supporter but he totally enjoyed watching a group of Americans cheer on Fulham in a tense relegation battle. After Fulham officially staved off relegation, he emailed me to say congrats and said that every year on his grandson's birthday, he will remember the day he watched Fulham with us. What a compliment - the type of thing that is only inspired by things as special as Fulham.

    Okay, pardon my ramblings. It is a new era for lifelong supporters and that brings a huge smile to my face. Times have truly changed for them and I think it deserved and spectacular. However, something happened today that made me think times have changed here in my little world. As a die-hard Fulham and US MNT fan, I've often been discouraged by the sea of ManU, Brazil, Chelsea, Argentina, etc jersies on the clueless little soccer wanabees and the older, not so clueless glory hunters. Anyway, today my son came home from school. He said, "Mom, come here I want to show you something. We got our yearbook today". I was expecting him to show me a picture of himself. Instead, he opened up his yearbook and showed me a picture of a few kids that I dont know. In this picture was a little brother who had to be three or four wearing a Fulham shirt. Times have changed.

    Life is good; teach your children well.
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    A City by a Bay
    Nice job, Mo, thank you.
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    Ms. Maureen, you are lovely.
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    Re: RE: Times have changed

    Rest assured Nevzter, I will track down this little four year old Fulham supporter, and he will be at the pub with us next season
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    RE: Re: RE: Times have changed

    Oh, jeez!

    It's going to be a LOT of work to put all these into a 'fan-blog' digest.

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