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    Jan 4, 2005
    Snooping around the web, came across something on 'The New Republic' that should have been written up more by the MSM.


    While I wouldnt exactly call it 'privilege', his family was certainly better off than most: Wright was academically gifted, went to a prestigious HS which was 95% white, 80% jewish {wonder if he's on the reunion mailing list?}. From then, he continued to excel, though with somewhat a 'sidetrack'..
    From his wiki:
    Filling in some blanks... perhaps he was a little 'aimless' in college and his parents told him to 'get thee to the Recruiter's!'. Looks like the Navy straightened his attitude a little, like it did mine.. though perhaps a different direction.

    So it just COULD be that we're seeing exactly the same middle-class guilt, redirected, as many whites of the same background.
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