The other side of the Immigration Question explained

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    Jan 4, 2005
    TCS stated as a technical oriented site but it has morphed into a good repository of writing on 'Public Issues'

    Build It and They'll Still Come
    is a good example.

    So what this guy is saying is that the fence will only result in a more dangerous crossing and subsequently in illegals staying here, rather than risk it more than once.

    And of course there's the lately inevitable reference to the 'Berlin Wall'... how's that for rewriting history?!!!
    {For you young'uns.. that wall was built by E Germany to keep People in, not by West Germany to keep people OUT.}

    But, as is usual on this issue, the writer offers no alternative solution only advises that it will make things worse.

    He doesnt reference NAFTA; which was enacted, in large part, to ameliorate the situation, which btw was brought on by Mexican Government social policies, corruption and malfeasance. Well, the corruption continues.. ask anyone who works with GM and travels to their supplier plants in Mexico.

    And his claim that tightening up will only drive Mexican labor and those who employ them further underground beggars the issue.

    We cannot as a neighbor CHANGE the practices of Mexico... but where does it say that we are obligated to act as their social safety valve and economic prop?
  2. pettyfog

    pettyfog Well-Known Member

    Jan 4, 2005
    Academe: Exchange of ideas in a culture of intellect

    Student Group turn speech into a debate on their terms

    From Columbia Spectator

    Do we disagree with THAT.. I do.
    Oh, REALLY! Yes... in the Liberal/Socialist view, anyone who disagrees is illegitimate.
    And if that rushing the stage was FREE SPEECH, WTF does he insist on staying ANONYMOUS!!!???

    Freking little wet ear twerp!
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