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    This is just breaking very close to home. An angry man, the owner of a software company in Austin, burned down his house, drove to the Georgetown Airport, boarded his aircraft and flew it into an office building which houses a regional IRS office -- 199 IRS employees work there, so it's not tiny. Not long ago, his "suicide manifesto" was printed. Here it is

    A sad story indeed, even if the only death turns out to be his. It's not hard to see from his screed what he's been listening to and what he's been watching. It's yet another case of extremists whipping up anger and resentment and doing it so effectively that a suicide bombing results. Today's tragedy is the next logical step of the non-stop drumbeat of anti-government, anti-administration hatred. If you honestly believe that the American government is your enemy, this is the next logical step.

    By the way, On the newspaper web site I pulled the information from, there was a sidebar article: NO TERROR LINK

    Of course not; the guy was a white American -- that means that is was NOT a terrorist act.

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