The European model continues to crumble

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by pettyfog, Aug 30, 2006.

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    Jan 4, 2005
    Germans Leave in Record Numbers, Fleeing Unemployment

    No mention there of numbers of current immigration from the Middle East.

    When you vote this November... pay attention to how your Democrat candidate intends to address social and employment issues.

    Here's how the Ohio Dem guberntaorial candidate will solve problem of corporate/jobs departures - due to Ohio having the third largest tax burden in the country (under a REPUBLICAN, no less!):

    "Under my plan we will invest in education and job training!"


    Not mentioned is the fact that the vast bulk of the jobs bleeding is result of GM and Ford financial problems, both having closed several Ohio plants... and it would be far worse if it werent for Honda.

    Meanwhile Strickland is touting that he saved a steel plant in eastern Ohio with helping to get a loan... he DOESNT mention that what that did was to push off the inevitable failure.

    It is, for me, simply an observation. Strickland will win the election; the Republicans failed the state while walking the thin line and trying creative tax increases while going abroad to find new employers and in-state investors.

    Ken Coleman. black conservative, will not be able to overcome the stench left by Taft... even though his ideas were far different.

    Why is this like Germany's problems? Same mfr-exit paradigm... same low-skill worker influx.
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    Jul 1, 2005
    Not sure about that second bit but I think showing that Europe is anything but perfect shows a purpose. I think it has become the fashionable thing in some circles to look to Europe to solve all our problems. People often get on their horse and go on some rant about how Europe is so much more socially and culturally advanced and how much better all their systems are, and how we need to emulate them in this and that. Most of the time it’s done without thought and I'm sick of it.

    Europe certainly does many things right and many things wrong. I hate people preaching me this crap about Europeans being more socially advanced. Why then our their riots in France and racist chants in soccer stadiums in Spain, Italy, as Gooch discovered Belgium? The bottom line is we both have our flaws we could learn from each other but stop being self-defeatists and tell me about how inferior we are.
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