The End for Manchester United...and why I love Fulham.

Discussion in 'Prem talk, Those Other Leagues, and International' started by NJGlen, May 12, 2005.

  1. NJGlen

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    Jan 7, 2005
    New Jersey
    Glazer has bought over 50% of ManU's shares so surely this will be the end of the line for this club's EPL dynasty. I am sure he'll want to increase profits and as soon as he tells Fergie that there is no money for transfers, Fergie will be out the door. With him gone and no money to spend, what manager in their right mind is going to want to take over the reigns at Old Trafford? Martin O'Neil is far to clever to fall for that one.

    So it seems that the team that once completely dominated the EPL will now be replaced by a new dynasty - Chelsea. They will continue to spend and spend their way to success and when they have won everything and Roman Abromovich is finally bored with his toy, they will be massively in debt and a new successor will be found.

    Both situations make me have an even greater respect for Arsene Wenger who has managed to compete with both teams - despite failure in Europe - without spending nearly as much as they do. He continues to unearth gems that seemlessly fit into his first team and Arsenal continue to play some of the most attractive football in the league. However, if Chelsea continue to spend and dominate - how long will he stay?

    Its days like this that I am massively relieved to be a Fulham fan. I love our club, whether standing in the freezing rain on a Wednesday night watching us lose to Northampton, or watching us spank ManU 3-1 on a bright, sunny afternoon. I know we have our problems, but we have a great club with a great ground and a unqiue bunch of fans who welcome fellow fans from around the globe with tremendous hospitality.

    In short, no mater what league we are in, I love watching Fulham and cherrish my memories of standing on the terraces at The Cottage. I'll sit down on Sunday with a cold beer and watch the delayed recording of our Norwich game and no matter what the result I'll be grateful for what we have. Here's to next season, to tears and cheers as we win and lose, and to Saturday mornings listening to Gentlemen Jim making us proud.
  2. NJGlen

    NJGlen New Member

    Jan 7, 2005
    New Jersey
    How about a new poll:

    Should Glen lay off the prozac?
  3. pettyfog

    pettyfog Well-Known Member

    Jan 4, 2005
    The issue is his business case for ManU to return a profit on his investment. It stinks.

    It hinges on a separate tv contract from the FA premier league existing one.

    and increased merchandising returns from global marketing.

    The last first: How can ManU's profile and recognition factor around the world actually improve? I dont think it can in an appreciable manner.

    And to do so, it would have to come up with another David Beckham or two and leverage off that star draw.
    Evidence: Michael Jordan or the Chicago Bulls; NY Yankees or Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle...

    Hint: Rooney aint gonna do it ( I dont have to explain why, do I)... and someone like Henry wont either. And picking a young starlet - like Szetela or Adu is really rolling the dice. And there's not much magic left in mono-monikered Brazilians.

    As to the TV contract; I'd like to point out University of Notre Dame's separate national TV contract for college football.

    For a few years it went great, then reality set in. And the quality of product began to decline. Now it's fairly certain that there wont be another singular contract, at least at the same kind of money. I mean there are only so many ND Alumni to draw from.

    The only PRACTICAL way to do this would be to set global TV rights as a separate entity. While keeping the European rights in the same FA/UEFA format.

    I might take it more seriously if Glazer had made any headway in making the Tampa Bay Buccaneers into "America's Team"... he hasnt, and they are still the same old fairly good team they always were, destined to flop out somewhere in the Playoffs. One SuperBowl doesnt make a Super Team.

    Naw...ManU is near the apex of success at the moment and nothing Glazer can do will put them back into the ascendency. All he might do is make ANOTHER team into a world recognized entity and he cant avoid that, can he... he actually has to show games

    Maybe it's a secret plan to move them to Tampa and dominate MLS


    After all is said and done, the team is certainly likely to hit the skids... and the fan-owners should find a way to make hay on this instead of bit(hing and moaning.. there could be a phoenix rising from the certain ashes of this debacle.

    They were really on the downslope, anyway,... you cant REALLY get much more marketing value out of the brand.
    And they were NOT playing up to their supposed collective skills.

    Can you say "Steinbrenner"?
  4. RDG

    RDG Member

    Jan 13, 2005
    Oh, man, Glen, postings like this will only create more polls about you.

    Although I can't get together on Sunday, due to prior commitments, I suggest you watch the match, not from the comfort of your comfy chair, but rather, at George Keeley's Bar , home for the NY Canary fans. A good punch-up should get that Prozac right out of your system. :D (Hm, there are no emoticons with a black eye. Oh, well.)

    AM -- Have fun at CC and cheer them on to victory!!

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