The Damned United

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by HatterDon, Mar 26, 2009.

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    No, not THAT United.

    This is a film about the late Brian Clough's 44 turbulent days as manager of Leeds United. Evidently, both the movie and the book it is based on has been attacked as "fiction based on fact." This stuns me because there was enough in what Clough did and said to make about 12 movies.

    The movie hasn't been released over here [it was released in January in the UK], but I've heard that it may get a limited release in the summer.

    For an idea of the conflict, Leeds United were the most popular and successful English football side in Europe. Their manager, Don Revie, had left to become England's boss. When Clough was signed, his first talk with his players began: "You can take all those winners medals you have and throw them in the dust bin, because you got them all by cheating!" Typical Clough.

    Here's a wiki link about the film:

    What it won't tell you was that Clough scored 274 goals in 251 matches but only got 2 England caps. He also took two "unfashionable" clubs -- Notts Forest and Derby County -- got them promoted to the top flight, won the league, and then the European Cup. Despite this, he was never seriously considered for the England job even though he was very open about his desire for it.

    Sorry for going on, but Clough's teams played wonderful football, and there's nobody around with his kind of color now.

    If there's anyone in England who has seen this film, pass along a capsule review.

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    Went and watched the trailer... I hope they bring this to the US - at least on Netflix DVD. Looks like a good show.
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    I wish I would have seen your post. I would have went over the weekend to see it (I was actually doing a bit gambling literally 20 yards from the entrance of the theater in Reading). Going to be back in the States for two weeks, but I'll check when I get back to see if its still playing and report back if I get a chance to see it.
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