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  1. pettyfog

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    Jan 4, 2005
    Ready for some more mind twisting?

    After Viet Nam, I came to the conclusion that the only practical road to democracy for third world countries was sort of Centrally Planned and administered socialism... but that to be effective, it would need be audited by some international body.

    While the UN came to mind as the likely mechanism, I realized that the World Bank and IMF should also have a large say in the oversight... indeed this would prove 'chafing' to the de-facto governemnts of those countries but would be, if viewed long-term, a boon to whoever ruled in their image of the citizenry.

    I have been proved right in that view when seen from a distance.. witness Indonesia and Malaysia... bootstrapped by foreign investments, the local economies have thrived.
    Even China itself saw the light and became more lenient to allowance of private initiatives and the results are mind-blowing.

    China is well on the way to becoming the biggest Economic machine in the World. And is now Marxist in name only; "Red Army, Inc" is not just a gentle gibe.

    But the revisionists persist in claiming that Western Big Corporations are EXPLOITING these poor citizens, postulating that, somehow, it is better for a 12 year old to be in a dump somewhere knocking mortar off old bricks for a few pennies, than working 10 hours a day for a couple dollars.

    The same, deprived of their rantings against the west for locking China out of their Economic "old Boys Club", still find one way or another to blame US big money for China's use of slave prison labor to produce goods for export. Never mind the lip service paid to Marxist Ideals by both parties.

    Which brings to mind Africa's problems.. even Geldof now recognizes the real issues... corruption and result that Aid money is
    NOT being used for its intended purpose.. instead is siphoned off by those which are supposed to effectively distribute it to their own people so that they and their country can get a leg up.

    And often as not, by those who ALSO pay lip service to Marx and Lenin. While brutally suppressing anyone who expressed discontent or questions their motives.

    Witness Zimbabwe.. 'nuff said?

    The latest revelations that this chicanery extends deep into the UN itself causes one to wonder if this can EVER be achieved without SOMEONE to PROTEST loud enough on an international level... and WITH the credibility that the people of the world actually LISTEN.

    So, at the present time... the ONE government that has the temerity and guts to do so is roundly attacked at every turn on any nit-picking soft spot possible.

    We see John Bolton denounced at every turn, though he is one of the few who might have enough guts to turn the rotten apples out of the UN and hold the Sec'y General's feet to the fire in becoming an effective voice of progress rather than a pony-boy for international cover-ups and graft.

    John Bolton, from all we hear doesnt give a dam' if he is invited to the exclusive club of UN-Manhattan cocktail party goers or not. He know what is the right thing to do and he wont settle for mediocre resutlts.

    THAT is the big problem... he might show up some of his predecessors and peers in the UN as being willing to just pay lip service and hold meetings and make statements as a sign of progress.

    And THAT wouldnt be 'politic', would it. Someone might get their feelings hurt.
    And notice the increased railing at FoxNews since they almost exclusively showed a light on the underhanded UN graft and corruption in more than just 'Oil for Food'... somehow the left doesnt think that's "fair"...

    Never mind nothing REALLY gets done at the UN, it's the good intentions that counts!
  2. pettyfog

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    Jan 4, 2005
    Part II

    So now we see G8 coming up and all the usual suspects and international socialists are scheming to derail ANYTHING coming out of this, if it doesnt suit THEIR agenda... which is that socialism cures all ills.. never mind they cannot point ot a single instance of 'autonomous socialism' improving ANYONE'S lot in the long term. The Castro's of the world cant even do it.
    {and, before you ask, I am AGAINST sanctions on Cuba... just gives Castro another excuse for failure}

    But that may not matter anyway if the G8 is turned into yet another forum for Environmental concerns.

    See... all the brou-ha-ha on Kyoto was just another smokescreen to advance "redistribution of wealth'. Like Zimbabwe and countless efforts before it, such is doomed to fail... there are always sharp operators (secret capitalist/imperialists) masquerading as social-minded and scheming on how to get their cut of the pie.

    BBC - Viewpoints: Can G8 proposals help Africa?
    - Stuart Hodkinson;UK left-wing magazine Red Pepper

    That would be a shame, would it.. might follow the China/Malaysia/Indonesia example in a small way.

    Well, Mr H... until we can find a way to insure pureness of motive in YOUR Ilk, I will prefer to rely on the Free Market.
    At least there's some ultimate checks and balances, there.

    And as long as you are on the outside looking in, you are it, YOU are the check on corporate greed...but put your kind on the INSIDE and we'll just have more Mugabe's.
  3. pettyfog

    pettyfog Well-Known Member

    Jan 4, 2005
    Read THIS

    while bearing in mind "for the good of the masses" to think about the conundrum of individual rights and responsibilities.. as well as "ACCOUNTABILITY".

    - from Powerline on A Lincoln Speech, 1858 rebutting Douglas' contention that Dred Scott decision was 'just'.
  4. pettyfog

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    Jan 4, 2005
    G8 Blogger - good read
    - - - -- - - - - -

    In response to the below post... the reason I am doing this is it's a chance to open some eyes to the fact that leftist jingoism is rampant... while there is ample evidence that Globalism IS the answer.

    While China et al in the Far East pose problems for the US in trade balance/deficits, that scenario is far better than the alternatives and problems will eventually work themselves out.

    read this:

    Someone recentl;y said that "Democratic" nations dont war on each other... that's a simplification but indeed true to an extent.

    Look at the causes of WWII... the punitive trade measures imposed on Germany (essentially by France, with England's ok) and the feeling in Japan that they were being shut out by the US in {what is now} PacRim.

    While China seems to be ramping up its military profile... who really believes they will ruin their own prosperity by actually becoming an "invader"?

    That could only happen as 'last gasp' of the old Mao-ist thought-regime. And TG, we have the internet. The protests from within China's new middle class would be unprecedented.
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    Dec 30, 2004
    For Christ sake...Petty is even replying to his own posts. Simply mind boggling!!!

    Only kidding Pettyfog. :)
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