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    Bet McCain will be hoping to get Larry Kilgore's endorsement!

    It may be difficult to find somebody more conservative than John Cornyn in the US Senate, but the Republicans have one here in Texas. He's a 43-year-old telecommunications consultant from Mansfield. Here's his platform:

    1. Establishing biblical law in a Texas that has seceded from the United States.
    2. Banning abortion.
    3. Execution of those who commit adultery with a married woman [hopefully, not the same one, but you never know].

    He's running against Senator Cornyn in the Republican primary. Lots of luck, Larry!

    Speaking of Sun-belt conservatives who spent too much time in the sun without a hat, former Arizona governor Evan Mecham passed away at the age of 83. He is perhaps best remembered for being governor long enough to cost Phoenix a Super Bowl hosting.

    http://sanantonio.bizjournals.com/phoen ... ily44.html

    He was passionately defended by right-wing politicians and pundits right up to the disclosure of his financial shenanigans.

    If you can find it, he was also the inspiration behind what was arguably Doonesbury's best politician lampoon.

    Oh, and one more note: Gene Kelly is running for Senator as a Democrat. He runs every year and never campaigns. His name has been enough, however, for him to be the US Senate candidate in 2006. I gu3ss we just have a lot of "Singing in the Rain" fans down here.
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    What ...has Ron Paul dropped out? Sounds like Kilgore would like him better.
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