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    Today is momentus here in Gawd's Country. Not only do we get to decide which Republican will be governor for the next four years in today's primary election, March 2 is the anniversary of

    a. Texas Independence. Yes, the freedom loving Texians overthrew the yoke of Mexico and became the Republic of Texas on this day in 1836. What was the back-breaking issue over which Texas revolted? Well, it seemed that slavery was against the Mexican constitution, and the Texans just couldn't stand that particular abridgement to their personal freedom. Interestingly, Texas would choose that exact "cause" as pretty much their ONLY reason for leaving the Union a quarter-century later. Secession was pretty much a taboo topic, until our incumbent governor embraced it "but only as a concept." For some reason, I didn't quite feel like voting for him this morning.

    b. Today is the 100th anniversary of the very first military powered flight. A young lieutenant named Benjamin O. Fulois [a name you'll never forget if you ever spent any time in the USAF] flew a Wright trainer on the grounds of Ft. Sam Houston, here in ol' San Antonio.

    Lesson's over. As you were.
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