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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by pettyfog, Mar 22, 2008.

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    Passport peeping - more than just curiosity?

    The Chron which is certainly more reasonable than any of the lefty blogs STILL raises the spectre of 'dirty tricks'. Here's a hint... these are LOW LEVEL contract desk jockeys. Here's another hint.. anyone look to see if they or their officemates looked up Hollywood celebrities, too?

    Coming from that; Lexis in the early eighties, where the top search among corporate employees was "hot wax"*, I find the whole thing laughable.
    PS: Think of a National Health Care bureaucracy with thousands of employees given access to Medical Records.

    * Which brought up several cases where one person sued another for injuries involving candles and sex play
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    700 MHZ Auction closes These are mainly frequencies from the top of the old TV UHF channel tier, barely used now except for repeating station signals in remote areas, and go away for TV next year.
    Verizon and AT&T won the big blocks, Dish won 'A' block which covers about 1 channel worth. D block, 10 MHZ or two channels worth, didnt reach the minimum bid, because it required winner to set up nationwide Public Service. Yeah.. I wanna pay a billion and do THAT for free!

    Speculation says Dish wants to do terrestrial TV {DTV local channels} with its little bit. I think Dish wants it for Upstream Broadband data.. ie, compete with RoadRunner and DSL.

    Note that the auction was broken up by market region.. there were more than 1000 licenses awarded the three.
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    Speaking of 'spectrum' I continue to be vexed that my home wireless slows way down when my wife or I am on the cordless phone. Looking at router specs, dont see a big change in Signal/Noise ration yet bandwidth drops from 11mb to 1 mb. And the hand blender {bar blender} does the same.
    BTW changing the channels on the router only helps short term. Phone is frequency agile. Too lazy to separate the router and phone to opposite ends of house.
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