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    Steve Coppell up and left already at Bristol City. ... 01&cc=5901

    It is probably too easy to take a potshot at him for being burned out, and I'm sure many have already done so, but he has always struck me as a very smart man who the gamne is better off for having, a different sort of personality in the ranks, I guess is the way to look at it.

    Anyway, he has a lot to say in this piece ... -mess.html, and a lot of it rings very true. Hope he comes back to the game (and sticks around).[/url]
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    I have a lot of time for Coppell. I liked him as a player and as a manager. I also find it very hard to slap him down for being burned out. We can all say that he has a dream job and that many of us go to work and put in a hard 8 hours at a job we aren't necessarily inspired by, but managing a professional sports team requires a degree of passion and a degree of detachment. When you can't fully immerse yourself while also keep your emotions separate, you either burn out or you go crazy.

    He's a very smart man, and I hope he can find a life outside management.
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