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    I might have posted this on the 'Idiocracy' thread but I think it stands alone. Bear with me here for some background.
    Back in the day.. the nineties when talk radio was a relatively new thing, I listened to two stations...MOSTLY NPR - many programs including Morning Edition, Diane Riehm, and PRI, and on the biggest local station, Rush Limbaugh. I really liked the way Limbaugh stripped away the bullshit going on in politics. UNTIL...
    Limbaugh brought up the tale of two NYC hospitals. Seems the NY County hospital, in Manhattan I think, was running deeply in the red. Limbaugh castigated them as poorly managed and brought as comparison, a private hospital just up the street which had posted black ink.

    After yelling at my dashboard speaker for a few seconds, I pushed the preset button to NPR and ..
    I didn't listen to Limbaugh's show for about three years.

    I could have stayed tuned to hear about his switchboard lighting up from callers who were as pissed off as I was but I was so mad at that dumbass observation that I didnt even care if he had to immediately eat his own words or not.
    I really hope I dont have to explain why his view on those hospitals was total bullshit. Anyone who complained about ten dollar aspirins or fifty dollar per day paper supply charges on their hospital bill and bothered to figure out why, knew the truth.

    Fast forward now... the best comment on one of my favorite blog sites:
    "WTF, GOP! You had SEVEN F***king YEARS!"

    Exactly right!
    It's pretty evident that there's nothing there for anybody.
    It was never gonna be easy, because of the expectations that Obama and the asshole Gruber built into the ACA package, which no one in their right mind thought could work on its own. Remember he said, 'it's a good thing voters are idiots'. That's all you need to know, right there.
    Those idiots were sold on the concept that health care is a human right. And that it would be be cheaper if the government managed it.
    Neither is true of course.
    Been to the doc lately? The regulations imposed by Obamacare havent exactly greased the way into the exam room, have they. Why do you have to fill out the same F$#$%king forms every year?
    - something else you might notice, soon if you havent already, the doc's office acts as though Co-Pay doesnt exist. Doesnt collect it, even though it's listed on the card, and you get a bill in the mail about a month later.
    I suspect Government accounting requirements.
    What's that got to do with it?
    Back in the 00's, Senator Obama promised, in a speech, that we would get national single payer health care, it was inevitable but it might take years. As we can easily see now, IF WE ONLY LOOK, the way to that is to strangle it with regulation and bookkeeping requirements to the point of one stop shopping, as it were.
    Back to the GOP. For their replacement to have ANY chance, it had to provide a transition path .
    AHCA v.1 has none.
    Trump says 'coming soon in Phase 2 and 3'.
    NO! We wont be fooled again.

    So guess what. EVERYONE of every political stripe is pissed off. Well, sorta.. Progressives are laughing their asses off.

    The whole thing should have been built on very few losing the coverage they THINK* they had. And not paying more than they THINK* they do.
    * That's important, you know. The press doesnt like to cover those disappointment anecdotes that happen every day.
    That's not rocket science. Only Georgetown Cocktail Party elite thinks you can throw thoughts in a bag and call it progress.
    Obamacare wasnt just a Pandora's Box, it's a Pig in a Poke. Not only do you not know what that pig is like until you let him out, you're gonna play hell getting him back in that bag.
    What's sorta ironic until you apply common sense to it is that now we have Tea Party elected congressmen who ran on doing away with Obamacare saying 'Hold On, I aint voting for that POS', I think most voters will understand why this is a POS.. IF it's explained to them.

    One thing is clear. Unless the GOP does something quick, and by that I mean scrub this and start over with a transitional plan, we are on the road to a National Health Service just as good as Canada's and the UK.
    Where the poor and working middle class get a minimal level of service and the Rich get all they can pay for. And dont have to wait 6 months to see a referred oncologist. Pay CASH RIGHT NOW, YOU GET RIGHT IN.

    Leaving only ONE economic sector not micromanaged by the guvmint.. ENERGY

    And you know how that's working out, dontcha?
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