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    Law Prof Surveys Legal Secretaries, Chronicles Layoffs, Conflicts with Female Lawyers
    Ripped from today's Prime Time TV listings...
    Of course this was addressed as far back as LA Law... coming forward with 'Mad Men' and now 'The Good Wife'.

    In fact it represents what happened in corporate offices in the eighties and nineties. I had enough exposure to Big Law offices back then to see it happening and it doesnt surprise me at all. First the advent of the ParaLegal who began to take over the 'interesting part' of the legal secretary job. Then the incursion of the female Law Review star who brought in a certain sense of entitlement based on her CV.
    Since the wannabe Gloria Allred sees her role competing with males, she doesn't exactly look, or see the need to, to forge a partnership with underling females.

    Contrast this with the JD graduate in Legal Sales. For the most part, Lexis-Nexis female staff got along quite well... partially because MOST account managers were female.

    This translated into a sort of conspiracy of mutual interest. In the non-legal side, of course, the 'My Boss is a Bitch' opinion still held.

    As a 'guy', I had no problem with female bosses. And the woman I mentored on her transition from Tech to Business side didnt have a problem with her female staff but told me she GREATLY preferred a Male Supervisor.
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