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    Jan 4, 2005
    I say OVER 165

    Rules for here: 50 points for getting 'over' correct. 1 point for each time over, -1 for each under.

    but you have to start with mine. So if you bet under mine it has to be addressed that way. If you say 150, you get half for being correct it's under mine, and +1 for each under mine

    Already mentioned the HuffPo game
    - - - - - -- - - -- - -
    Epic FAIL on my part. someone should'a taken me up on it.
    I read there were 92 First Person Pronouns.
    I scraped the transcript into word and counted by replacing the main two with {sp}Ibarack{sp} and {sp}mebarack{sp} and that's about right.

    I'm posting this by edit rather than bumping the thread because feelings and emotions have overtaken critical thought and I'm too bummed out by the message{s} in the speech to even comment.


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