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  1. pettyfog

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    Jan 4, 2005
    One of the first Pubs recommended on here by ChicagoTom {Tom Wille}, was 'The Globe'; which is now pretty much the 'old standby' when anyone in the windy city area discusses 'where to watch'.

    Looking back, it might seem as though it was always successful.

    Actually no..
    ESPN: Globe Pub a Chicago soccer mainstay

  2. JP-STL

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    Mar 17, 2008
    Similar story, but on a much smaller scale:
    My little soccer pub here in South St. Louis (by "my" I mean only that I am a patron, not an owner) has been put on the map by this World Cup. The Amsterdam Tavern is a little hole-in-the-wall joint in a working-class neighborhood. When the current owner bought it, it was an "Archie Bunker" type of blue-collar tavern. All he did was add a tap for Guinness alongside the taps for Busch and PBR, and hang soccer some soccer scarves on the walls. Nothing else. Oh, and he subscribed to all the satellite channels.

    They've scraped along for two years, but now the World Cup has put them on the map. Suddenly the local TV stations are doing live broadcasts from there. I had to work yesterday afternoon during the Uruguay-Netherlands game, but a friend told me that they were turning people away all day and all night.

    Until this place came along, the only soccer pub around was a snooty, upscale place in a yuppy part of town that catered to lawyers. Is "yuppy" still used, or am I showing my age? Anyway, the Amsterdam is a nice alternative.
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