Sheffield Utd. v. Fulham

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    The battle to stay away from the bottom (literally and figuratively). No relief on the injury front for Tete, Tosin or Traore (Jeez, don’t have your name begin with a “t”). Neither squad has a penchant for scoring so far this season so the opening goal is probably worth double for the psyche on Saturday. Paulinha needs to show up and deliver a customary performance- I think if he’s cooking, that can be enough to propel a victory versus the Blades. Hope to see Awobi from the start and try to create an offensive spark from the onset. COYW
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    Mar 4, 2014
    I'm going out on a limb here and say that for the first time this season Fulham will score two goals AND win a match. Only one team so far (Palace) has failed to score more than one goal against Sheffield United, so I think Fulham wins 2-1. Still too close for comfort. And Fulham will finish the day with seven players tied as the team's top scorer with one goal each.

    I agree Iwobi should get the start. I think I'd start with him on the left with Pereira in the middle, but swap out Pereira if things aren't going well. The Raul experiment should come to a close too and instead Vinicius should be the striker - but I don't think he scores. I also think Bassey should start, but I've thought that a lot this season and it usually didn't happen.

    This one will be on Peacock at 10am EDT.
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    Vini and Iwobi both starting and Ream with his 300th appearance.
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    Sitting in Seattle airport, great response from the lads. Can’t wait to see the replay; cue it James!!
  5. daddude7

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    Nov 13, 2013
    I hope Diop's injury isn't a ruptured Achilles. I'm afraid it looked like that. Speaking of injuries, I wish they hadn't shown the replays of Basham's.

    We would have had a clean sheet, too, if Diop hadn't pulled up. A very good reaction, as was mentioned, though we still don't have a striker who can score. Muniz showed some signs of life, though, and Vinicius did a decent job of bringing others into the game. Iwobi looks like a really nice signing for us.
  6. MicahMan

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    Mar 4, 2014
    Diop said he heard a crack - that literally doesn't sound good. I also didn't need to see multiple replay's of Basham's injury. I actually turned it off for a little while since it was clear the delay would be significant and I didn't want to see that any more. Credit to both teams for carrying on a good game after such a heartbreaking exit for one of the players.

    I was pleased that Silva switched things up to make room for Iwobi. Putting Palhinha further back in the midfield gave him more attacking options and it paid off against Sheffield. I know it is "only" bottom of the table Sheffield, but Fulham did a much better job of generating attacking opportunities. They still had trouble finishing them off, but eventually it came. The commentator said that DeCordova-Reid had scored "only the second time this season" and I said "Hey! That's our leading scorer! Give him some respect!" Cairney's goal was one of the most bizarre ever, but I'll take it.

    After a number of lackluster and frustrating performances, Fulham was clearly the better side and got their most deserved win of the season. The highlights which thankfully exclude Basham's injury:
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  7. stlouisbrad

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    I was coaching my kids team to an undeserved victory (the other team only had 6 boys yet gave us a game.) when it was live so I had to watch in the evening. A lot of bright spots as you all pointed out. It was a well rounded victory.
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