Sergio Aguero

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    Today's international football news included the medical retirement of Sergio Kun Aguero. He was a brilliant forward first for Indepindiente in his native Argentina, and later with Atletico Madrid, Manchester City, and -- in a kind gesture -- a cup of coffee with Barclona. He's suffering from Atrial Fibrulation, as am I.

    There's all kinds of numbers you can scan about Aguero. You'll probably read a lot of them in the coming days. Yes, he was a brilliant goal scorer, but he was also a great contributer to goals. And it's his assists that caught my attention and never let them go. And I'm talking about the two assists that led Atletico to the Europa League Championship [and later, the Super Cup Championship]. Those two assists were the difference in a 2-1 victory against Fulham in the only FFC cup final I've ever seen and probably will never will see again.
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    He was a great player, for sure. A shame he had to quit early, but better safe than sorry. Of course, the goal for Citeh that won them their first PL title since the Abu Dhabians bought them, in 2012, will be played over and over, ad nauseum, for decades.

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