Sen Byrd's Bad Day

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    Jan 4, 2005
    No... it wasnt the Senate vote on the Lynching Resolution.. though it must have rankled, if for no other reason than he knew his record would be trotted out again.
    - but of course, Lott and Thurmond were Republicans... ipso facto rascists.. And Chris Dodd's similar arse kissing statement on Byrd raised very few eyebrows. Well, it WOULD have been inconvenient to put the Lie to the august Senator's lack of cojones... at least his father, Thomas Dodd had some guts

    But the WORST part of the day MUST have been a rumor surely bandied around the Senate Office Building, if Staffers have ANY sense of humor at ALL, that Frist was going to ask the "Great Orator and "Conscience of the Senate" Byrd to deliver the concensus address before the Senate.

    This might have been a little hard for the Lib pimps to ignore... fortunately Byrd was not available, must have had more pressing business eleswhere.
    He has a knack, that one... but he's always around for the big pork divvy-up!

    Thus, space available for the news item that a GOP dinner was attended by California Porn Star and former Governor Candidate Mary Carey.
    - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - -

    Well, here's to ya' Sheets! Hope you are still around when she is appointed to the Supreme Court. Besides... with you and Teddy around, there is never a lack of derisive guffawing on Rush's little edutainment show.

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