San Antonio in the Mexican League

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    So, after being snubbed for MLS franchises three times, it's beginning to look like the 7th largest city in the US may get a top flight club ... in the Mexican league.
    I've always joked that San Antonio is the largest city in northern Mexico. Now it appears that the Mexicans feel that way also. Check out the link

    Franchise #1 wound up being the second MLS club in Los Angeles.
    Franchise #2 detoured up to Minnesota
    Franchise # 3 is Austin -- all of this while there was already a large soccer-only venue capable of having its capacity doubled.

    I AM POSITIVE that the reason we lost all these franchises was that we have a huge hispanic population and, to owners, Latinos don't have enough spending money. I'm sure that Mexico will happily take in the income that the US isn't interested in getting. If this goes through, I'll finally have a top flight North American soccer club to watch!
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    @HatterDon Happy for you if it comes to fruition, no doubt San Antonio would support a team far better then Houston or Dallas. We don’t disagree on much, but MLS knows the Mexican-American market is huge and in many cities is the lifeblood of the fan base. Austin got the team because of a power play by the then Columbus owner. Need a little proof, check out Matthew Mccaughney leading the pregame chant at Austin FC’s opener. It’s in Spanish:

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