RIP Tim and Bob

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    Last night The Tim and Bob Show played our last private gig. It was the third private gig we've done since we had our last PUBLIC gig about two years ago. The Tim and Bob Show started in 2005 and played regularly and often for a good 10 years. We broke up not because of creative or personal issues, but for two basic reasons.

    1. It's hard to find venues who can support a 4-piece band that doesn't head bang until 2 a.m. FeinTuned and Sellers & Hymel both found more opportunities with a smaller footprint and more intimate venues than did Tim and Bob.
    2. The movement of equipment to the venue followed by the setting up got to wear ME down to the point that I was exhausted BEFORE playing 3-4 hours of music. I am, after all, 71.

    Timothy B. Schmitt of Poco and The Eagles has been quoted as saying, "Every band is always on the verge of breaking up." And so it was with us. We played an anniversary party on Sunday, had a tasty Italian meal together afterwards, and already have plans for next weekend -- friends, but no longer band mates. The other three members of the group all contributed to my solo CD, and I expect to contribute to FeinTuned's upcoming album.

    And so it goes. Sorry for the self-indulgent post -- again -- but some of you have been following the band from the beginning.
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    Sorry to hear HD, but never say never:

    If you contact HD he'll include T&B's 'Take It Outside' gratis w/the purchase of his solo album.

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