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    Pretty amazing day on the pitches in Qatar. The tactical chess matches resulted in some yawning passages, but the end was worth it in both contests.
    Off the fields, this World Cup has taken a very dark, ominous turn: Grant Wahl, the former Sports Illustrated senior writer for soccer, died there today at age 48. There are conflicting stories about how he died, but right now, it appears he collapsed in his press box seat during extra time at the Argentina-Holland WF at Lusail Stadium. He’d apparently gotten sick while at the tournament, telling readers a cold had escalated to bronchitis the night of the USMNT’s opener against Wales. Later citations of coughing fits, not just from him but, as he relayed it, numerous other journalists followed. However, his brother is claiming, with only circumstantial evidence at this point, that he was murdered. The alleged motive would be being detained by Qatari authorities at the USA-Wales match for wearing a rainbow adorned t-shirt supporting LGBTQIA+ rights. As has been widely reported, Qatar has been called out by many entities for its policies of criminalizing LGBTQIA+ behaviors and activities. Wahl’s brother, Eric, is gay. Eric Wahl also said his brother had received death threats since the t-shirt incident.
    It’s best not to jump to any conclusions this early in a hugely sensitive matter like this but on it’s face right now, it doesn’t pass the smell test. One thing you can bet on: it has the potential to get all kinds of ugly before things like autopsy results, surveillance videos and threatening messages come to light. The immediate tragedy is that a man who worked tirelessly and wrote and spoke wonderfully about a sport during it’s rapid growth in this cou
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    This is devastating to older soccer fans. He was the 'Cronkite'* of US Soccer and any opinion he had was at least worthy of putting some thought to.
    I don't know if conspiracy figures in, yet but I sure wouldn't rule it out given the brazen corruption and evil we've seen of late.
    It is not just the rainbow element either. He was writing on the slave labor aspect of the WC itself!
    * Youngers will say Who is Cronkite? Well, there ya go.
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    I couldn’t believe this when I saw the news break. Grant was THE guy you went to for solid, dependable reporting. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember. And by all accounts, just an incredible person. Kind, supportive, generous. It sucks. To follow Joe’s reco, you can also check out his book on Beckham coming to MLS. A really good read.
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