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    For those of you with iPhones, you're probably familiar with the ability to buy programs for the phone from the App Store. I have bought two of the football apps and wanted to review them here.

    1) My Football ($1.99). This program covers much of the football world, giving tables and fixtures for all four English leagues , as well as most top-level European leagues (even Romania!), as well as UEFA Champions League, UEFA cup, each World Cup qualification area, and MLS (the complete list is available in the App Store). You can designate for which league you want to see live scores. You can designate favorite teams that give up roster info and the team's fixtures (and you can get that info for every team just by clicking on them in the table). They also have a "History" button that gives past tables for leagues (which vary--for the top-level English league, it gives info back to 1901-02, for the other English leagues, it goes back to 1993-94).

    2) EPL Live ($2.99). As the title suggests, it only covers the EPL (there are similar programs for other European leagues). It gives the current table (but unlike My football, it only gives goal differential, not goals for and goals against). Where this program shines is in live commentary. They have the text commentary and it tends to be as up-to-date as any other text commentary (usually a few minutes behind). They also give lineups and match statistics. You can follow a game as it goes on or go back to any game played this season.

    I think the two programs complement each other. My Football is much more comprehensive, but EPL Live is much better to follow a game as it is going on. Both programs have also been updated and improved several times (for free) since I have gotten them. I would recommend both programs.

    Also, I created a Fulham wallpaper for the iPhone, but I don't know how to upload it to a message or to the site. Could somebody help me on that?

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