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    Yale Daily News: In the wake of Monday’s massacre at Virginia Tech in which a student killed 32 people, Dean of Student Affairs Betty Trachtenberg has limited the use of stage weapons in theatrical productions.

    Ummm... no, no glocks involved... it was swords she banned. Read it, a serious classical play, and now the actors have to brandish wooden swords...

    Now.... let's consider that Yale is an elite seat of learning. A place you supposedly develop the ability to think critically, in the tradition of Plato!
    It's a privilege to attend there. And one would assume that the faculty is the best that can be employed.

    * * *
    The 33rd VT victim: It's all America's fault!
    And the family...
    The piece, there, is mainly about the effect of the tragedy on Cho's family.

    I wondered that there was little about them, initially but it seems that they were quickly moved to a location where they couldnt be hounded by the press and some nutjobs couldnt get at them.

    But the point of the piece is that America had failed these immigrants:

    Ummmm... Is that right? Considering the elder sibling apparently graduated with good standing from Princeton?

    And the dear author does not bother to explain how it would have been better had the family not emigrated here. Would the parents have worked less hard? Or would they perhaps not have bothered.... because of their social position?

    In the ending touchy-feely treacle this idiot touches on some good points to ponder but draws all the wrong conclusions.... ignoring that Cho was always different and difficult to communicate with, even for his family, she lays the blame on all of us... for a happening of circumstance and a probable physical condition.

    Somehow the answer would have been to include him MORE, let him express himself more freely and embrace his uniqueness... despite the fact this seems to have been tried over and over. ANd she even castigates Lucinda Roy, for NOT UNDERSTANDING HIM!

    That you can somehow cure the mentally ill with love and understanding is the heght of stupidity. But it's all within the bounds of the social construct formed by over-intellectualism.
    Note to mention a perversion of the female nurturing instinct.
    _ _ _
    Of course, she found a suitable place to display this crap... on DailyKos; where it never ceases to amaze that the founder and chief poobah, Markos Zuniga appears to be the most reasonable and moderate of all who post there.
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    Or you could take the Jack Thompson route, and blame violent video games as soon as the news hit that there was a school shooting. He then began to blame Microsoft for publishing games he thought were "responsible." Mr. Thompson even went so far as to send a public "shame-on-you" letter to Bill Gates.

    He might have had a chance getting a few supporters, IF THEY HAD FOUND EVEN ONE VIDEO GAME IN CHO'S SUITE. I seriously can't wait until he's disbarred.

    I don't blame anyone or anything for this, It was an extremely unfortunate series of events. Had Cho's mental instability been officially documented when he was asked to take counseling, he wouldn't have legally been able to purchase a weapon. On the other hand, should someone who is just having a bad week need to be put on permanent record? It was something that should have been a judgment call, but the School couldn't force counseling on him unless he proved to be a threat to himself or others. Maybe their policy will change now.
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