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    While I said before the playoffs that nothing could take away the great season that Fulham had in 2016-17, that's true, but the end was a bitter pill. However now I'm back to feeling positive about the Fulham we saw.

    Going into the season I wasn't sure if Jokanovic was the right man for the job. He kept us from relegation, but we didn't look like a strong team at the end of the previous season. The team was remade over the summer and it seemed like we had some good players, but the first game against a strong Newcastle team would be a tough way to open.

    That first match set the tone for the season. Fulham's recent history was behind us. Fulham made a statement and they followed through. We had some rough spots in the Fall, but when it counted the team pulled together and reached what could only have been considered a stretch goal at the beginning of the season - the playoffs.

    The team had no stars, just a bunch of guys who played well together. Voting for Player of the Season is still open : My choice was Stefan Johansen. I felt that he added the most value to the team. He helped run Fulham's ball control offense, he was a significant factor in our improved defense, and he was a regular threat to score. There were a number of other players though that could easily make a claim for being the best of the season because it was truly a team effort.

    My favorite match of the season was probably the 3-1 win at Norwich when we played the second half with only ten men, but beating Newcastle at St. James park was pretty sweet too.

    If we can keep most of the team together, and keep Jokanovic, what makes me feel the most positive is the thought of our defense with Bettinelli in goal. With the exception of playing Tottenham's first team, we could always count on Bettinelli to give up one goal, but only one goal. Excluding Tottenham he gave up one goal in the two other FA Cup matches and the eight league matches he started. When he came on at the end of the season Fulham went on to get 5 wins, 2 draws, and just one loss. That's the kind of winning percentage that gets automatic promotion.

    Of course there could be other factors at play too. I once claimed that Daniel Radcliffe was the secret to our success ( That's clearly ridiculous. We now know, obviously, that it was Emma Watson who is the secret to our success. When she succeeds so do we! She's in one of the top grossing films of all time this Spring and Fulham suddenly makes their late push at the same time - don't tell me that's a coincidence. Hopefully she's got some big plans for next year because we need it. The problem with success is that you want more of it and I expect another push for promotion next season.
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