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    Ray was on this a.m. with Alan Brazil and Neil Warnock. Talked about the Utd match, defended Utd's approach and lauded our boys (particularly Burn) for their effort. Said Brede sat b/c he'd just come back from injury recently and had logged 120 minutes midweek. Said Sidwell was chosen over Parker b/c of his scoring threat but that it was a very close decision. He mentioned that Rene's familiarity with Utd's players did help, particularly in developing a strategy for where on the pitch to allow Utd to play balls into the box from.

    He talked about the coaching structure and their roles briefly. Said Rene runs training with himself and Hill assisting. Curbishley comes down in the afternoon and they have a think tank to talk about their strategy and approach for the next match. Hopefully this puts a rest to the Wilkins and Curbishley running the team nonsense. Rene has said similar many times as well. It's his show and these are his guys he brought in to advise and assist him. I'm not sure why so many fans want to give Rene a pass and put the blame on Wilkins and Curbs when things haven't gone well. I also don't see how this is much different than most any other club in the Prem. Well, aside from Wilkins being joined at Rene's hip in the coach's box. I still find that one odd.

    He mentioned the tube strike and doubt over the whether the Liverpool match would go off as well. The whole bit is at the beginning of the linked segment and runs about 6 min.

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