r u wid da kool kidz?

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    Singularity.. pro or con?Is There a Singularity Backlash?

    I think maybe they orta take a nationwide man on the street poll..

    I'm reminded of my dad, his last couple years... kept asking me if I believed in extraterrestrial cause of UFO.

    I always replied "Yeah... but it doesnt matter."

    Some might think so and stock up on plenty of that special kool-aid for 12/20/12, but whatever... I'll prolly put it off and miss the easy way out.


    That's remarkable, innit! One for the anti-backlash side. Comstock apparently pays no attention to the present. Point is MAKING it to 2100, dont worry about the freakin energy if you do that. There'll be plenty.
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    Here's the direct link, I only add because of the doofusness of the commenters. Example:

    Oh, REALLY? popular Science fiction's been about 'Post Singularity' for ages. Just OTHER WORLDS post-singularities. WTF you think War of the Worlds and 'Invaders from Mars' is about?

    eh... whatever. Be careful what you wish for. Recall I commented on this Greenwich Village Philosophical society which considered humanity a blight on the planet and actually wished for a global catastrophe reducing mankind to hunter-gatherers?
    Sorta like the Hemlock society except for the next generation. Cause the first eaten would be intellectuals. What other use for 'em!

    And if we go back to 19th century tech, then the same holds true. While we all wish it were lawyers, it'll be lawyers who decide who's the intellectuals - {tomorrow's dinner}.
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