Quantum Strings tie Scientists' Minds in Knots

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    'Ve-e-e-eR--r-y Interesting!' As Sgt Shultz used to say.

    Physicists discover an infinite number of quantum speed limits

    First, let's accept that after some time, maybe centuries, Scientific Theory passes into the realm of common sense. Say Archimedes' Principles, and Newton's Laws of Motion, and the three Laws of thermodynamics.

    We have learned from common physics that Time is the Fourth Dimension. Then Quantum Theory came along and we were told there were other constructs of the universe. Still we accepted that an expanding universe meant that gravitation would pull all those elements from the Big Bang back into a singularity again.
    WRONG! {And it did't really make sense at the time it was accepted as truth.}
    Of course it didnt take long for that to come into question... which was common sense, after all. If we can dimly see light from a product of the Big Bang after Billions of Years, and yet that was 'back then'... then wouldnt that light be long gone? How the hell did that star, still traveling away from us at increasing speeds, get there... and if it was just shifted instantly via quantum mechanics, how the hell can you prove that?
    Hmmm... Maybe it was that dastardly Dark Matter!
    If we accept that properties of time itself vary under different quantum constructs, how the hell can we prove our MATH operates the same in any construct.
    - SO -
    What we see when we analyse the LANGUAGE of that article is that it's, in the words of Sheldon, Poppycock.

    That math can be used to construct a differing 'speed limit' {time variable} under different Quantum Constructs only tells me there is MUCH more that we dont know than what we thought we did.

    Could it be that there is really no such thing as time but we constantly are passing into new universes with each picosecond of what we call time.

    However, if there's an infinite number of Universes, that could explain how one Sciencytist thought there were once sandy beaches on Venus. It was onna them other Universes

    Nah... my theory is that we still know diddly, all else is hubris.
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    While I look to science to explain the observable universe, I've had a hard time accepting dark matter, but it is the best explanation for our current understanding of things. My favorite person to read on this subject is an astronomy professor Brian Koberlein. He does a nice job of making some of this understandable for layman like me.

    A good overview on the evidence of the beginning and why we think it happened that way: https://briankoberlein.com/2014/03/24/primeval-atom/

    A look at possible contradictory evidence: https://briankoberlein.com/2016/04/13/tension-in-the-universe/

    How the observable universe is getting smaller as it expands: https://briankoberlein.com/2016/04/29/incredible-shrinking-universe/

    And if you read that prior one, this one is a little bit of science fiction based on that concept: https://briankoberlein.com/2016/06/02/the-fading-truth/
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