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    When I was a kid, I loved PM as the 'gadget mag' of choice. I could learn how to make stuff at home for my own amazement and I could get some info on current cars and how to fix stuff.

    But if I wanted to find out 'how and why', I read 'Popular Science', because {I think} PM ALSO had such crap as 'Flying Cars of the future'... which Pop Science would then debunk as impractical in any future society.

    Well, now, PM is really on the secondary level of 'must read' for the engineering sciences in society as they follow up on what you read in 'Business Week, Economist and WSJ'.. and give you the background on the top stories in print.

    Debunking WTC conspiracy stories with REAL science.

    Debunking Katrina myths on the levee failures {as well as pointing out the true failures by Army Corps of Engineers}

    And currently;
    Facts and realistic views on the Airbus MegaJet fiasco

    And STILL neat stuff like Jay Leno {with help} on 'muscle cars'.

    And they still havereally cheap subscriptions available for first-timers
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