Old men Must be Dangerous!

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    I ran across this: via InstaPundit:The secret of social harmony is simple: Old men must be dangerous.

    While this guy deals with the idea of elderly orientals opening shops to teach the martial Arts {Mr Myogi?}, the basic idea hinges on the need for respect for one's elders. Not necessarily because he's smarter but that he's given more thought on what to do in the exceptional situation.

    We saw several instances of that in the three years since that article was written:
    The Texas scrapyard owner who blew away two burglars and, in the last week, a news story of an 82 year old who when accosted on the street by a young punk demanding his wallet, sat down his grocery bags and planted a knee solidly in the punk's crotch, leaving the teenager grabbing his jewels and whimpering for his mama.

    that made me laugh.. because it brought up a memory of a 'preparedness fantasy' I had about twenty years ago.

    Remember 'Numchuks?'
    Seems every time you turned around you saw some questionable punks who played with them or had them in his car.
    Well, at first I dreaded being accosted with those more than a punk with a gun.
    Then I thought about it. And when I thought about it, I began to almost WISH some smartass would try it on me. Because there's a way of using the weapon against the attacker. And it would be almost as good as if he launched a flying kick at me from a running start.

    The fantasy left me almost in giggles.
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