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    French outpace Americans in French-bashing

    This correlates with an article I saw last year noting that only 33 % of French under 35 had a good view of their own country.

    So it's why it's here instead of "news"

    And at least 20% of any country, including ours, would like to see our current system overthrown.

    The REAL number, about that last, is the 39% who couldnt care less. About right.
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    Of course, the curious numbers regarding the German attitude towards France bring one to wonder what's behind THAT.

    But, as I always say, everything is connected:
    So looking back to my wonderment on why Germany didnt support the UN Sec Council ultimatum on Saddam.. perhaps this explains it.

    For France and Russia had reasons ... oil and munitions contracts with Saddam which would be worthless if Saddam fell. Germany had few of either. And, unlike the other two, not much skim from 'Oil for Food'.

    Apparently, though, Germans think the French are brilliant. And they apparently hadnt learned that France only cares about France, you'd think they would have after the EU policies put them in fiscal jeopardy because they were STILL trying to absorb the old inefficient East German economy into their own, and France gave them little help or consideration when pushing laws in Brussels.
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