Newsweek in danger

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    Among ten brands that may die in 2010, according to 24/7wallst

    So WaPo, unlike NYT, has managed to shift off some of their liberal dogma onto the weekly and Slate.
    Liberal readers dont need a print opinion forum. They already know that Palin is dangerous and it was all Bush's fault. And if there's new developments, better they read it on the cheap in Slate because it's probably bad news, whatever flavor of icing.

    The whole thing is brought about by publishers publishing what they want to write, not what their subscribers want to read.

    So, while all print media is in circulation and ad trouble, the most liberal are hit hardest.

    As don's buddy, Rupert puts it:

    Now, elsewhere in that article, Murdoch points out that NewsCorp and others are looking for an attractive subscriber model so as to stop giving the product away for free.
    We can look for more of that. But the good news is that outsize fees wont fly as NYT found out when it put up a 'premium wall'.

    Of course no conservatives cared what Maureen Dowdy and Krugman had to say. And Libs already knew.
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