New Age Vampires

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    Meet 'Metro-Vlad'!

    Slate: Vampires Suck.. because they dont.

    Ah, wth. They're passe, because we dont need em anymore.

    Vampires were a metaphor for flirting with the forbidden fruit. Young girls entering puberty used to fall in love with Romance and Vampire Novels, Horseback riding and flouncy decollette. All fringe exploits for the strange hormonal imbalances going on.
    Young boys kinda liked em because they got what they went after and the girls hardly even resisted. And they never had zit problems.

    Now 'Romancers' are either med-soft porn in themselves {no reading the nuances necessary}, or there's more better quicker gratifying afterschool specials.
    Plus you can get those personal toys at BB&B, or a finger hummer from Trojan off the web. Bye-bye riding stables.. too much bother anyway.

    Surprisingly, there's those Buffy Spinoffs that linger on the networks. But they only reflect the kinder gentler demonics. They're just 'misunderstood' a lot.

    So, we see the mainstreaming of the other worldly. No bloodlust.

    Hell, no blood and sometimes not even lust.

    Renaissance Dracula prolly best suited as 'Community Organizer' and NGO volunteer.

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