Neo-Nazis meeting in Germany

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by pettyfog, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. pettyfog

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    Jan 4, 2005
    Fascists Hijacking Anti-Jihadism in Cologne
    - because moderates capable of thinking through this hide their heads in the sand... or up their asses. And admire people like Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan.
  2. HatterDon

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    Well, 'fog. You'd have to think that any group of people who get together to protest a religion whose adherents are NOT predominately white and of European origin are going to include every right-wing nut job in the region.

    Remember that Fascists, like biker gangs, like inner-city street gangs, like prison gangs, and like terrorists groups draw adherents by the exact same methods:

    1. Where you are in life is not your fault.
    2. There are "other people" who have contrived to put you where you are.
    3. They use reason and tolerance as tools to keep you away from your rightful place in society.
    4. They are easily manipulated by non-[whatever the "you" happens to be at the moment] to help that group destroy what we have and treasure.
    5. Governments are useless and/or too cowardly/too easily fooled in protecting you.
    6. Normal means of redress are not available to you.
    7. Join us; we will value you; we will support you; we will put our lives on the ine to protect you.
    8. Help us rid the earth of [insert "other" here]. We will be society's heroes.
    9. God is on our side.

    It's been this way for more than 100 years and it will continue as long as "them v. us" politics is the vogue [and it has been pretty much since the birth of democracy]. So, yeah; all these European neo-Fascists look at these anti-Islamist rallies as fertile recruiting grounds. And they'll gain lots of adherents. Speakers who say "let's calm down here and look at all the options" don't get nearly the attention as those who froth at the mouth and scream: "talk does nothing. [Whoever] OUT!"
  3. pettyfog

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    Jan 4, 2005
    How is that to happen, though, when anyone pointing out the problem/excuse for the bad actors DOES exist and is a threat... gets rewarded for their vigilance with the same epithets and charges as directed against the racist/fascists?

    Such as "Yes, we know you hate Islam", anytime such a person as doesnt care what religion anyone practices, or where they LEGALLY came from, just what their beliefs do to his personal liberty, and the health and wealth of his country, points out the problem with a minority of a minority?

    It's no wonder most choose to remain silent, allowing the frustration to fester.
    Meanwhile those people meeting - above- dont give a damn about the Fascist Racist labels... they wear them proudly.

    Well, this is one geezer... like Charles Johnson.... that ISNT going to 'keep quiet'
  4. ohio4fulham

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    May 5, 2008
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    You're right that both sides here are exploiting disenfranchisement but opportunism didn't begin with democracy and isn't exclusively right-wing or religious ...
    In the end I agree with Fog on this one.
    It's a difficult thing to be a moderate in public, because while the left and the right fight each other in the open, a moderate risks attack from both sides, regardless of what they say. Because, if we're being honest, both sides (left and right) are just legislating their own morals and using many of the same afore-mentioned measures to recruit partisan loyalists to their cause. A genuine moderate does neither side any good.
    Both sides tend to whip their compatriots into such a political frenzy that even a hint of dissent is met with a strong reaction instead of thoughtful consideration.
    That being said, just because it's difficult for a moderate person to take a strong stand on something, that doesn't mean they don't still have a responsibility to make that stand. If their character and fortitude can weather the storms then time will show them to be true to their word and of a moderate measure, but a moderate in public definitely isn't afforded the luxury of a warm reception or protection from a particular party or the media for towing a line.
  5. pettyfog

    pettyfog Well-Known Member

    Jan 4, 2005
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