NBC pushes parent 'Green' stock

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by pettyfog, Apr 25, 2008.

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    RE: NBC pushes parent

    No form of energy can compete with the coal powered electrical grid - it is just too cheap. Any other alternative form such as wind, fuel cell, solar, wave, etc. has to be subsidized. GE has to lobby because one Administration & Congress will provide a certain amount of money only to have the next one slash it. They are at the whim of politicians so they have to lobby. It's perhaps better than closing plants and slashing jobs every 4 years- not that GE is particularly averse to that

    There is no obvious choice to replace coal or gas so other energy technologies need to be funded and further developed so that someday the alternative choice is clear. That being said we do need to be wary that GE doesnt use it's media machinations if the best choice ends up being a form of energy they dont have a business interest in.
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    I remember telling my Middle School students in the early 90s that just saying that there are alternative energy sources that are cleaner and that work doesn't get it done. I told them that if they were so exercized about this problem, that their task was to find a way to make solar, wind, tidal energy more profitable for energy providers to use. Possible is nice; cleaner is very nice; profitable is the key.

    If we'd use that approach with vehicle fuel, we wouldn't be wasting our farmland on crops for fuel and we wouldn't be giving government grants to companies to develop hydrogen-based hybrids.
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