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    Obama campaign shuts out tv station for 'unprofessional Joe Biden interview'.

    When I tried to watch this on the station site, the link didnt work. then I saw a piece on it on fox news and they had cut it for brevity and it looked EXACTLY like a hit interview. So I can imagine what Olby and Matthews would do with it.

    But when you watch the whole thing, it might even have been used on Obama's fight the Smear page.

    Those ARE the tough questions. Thing is Biden WAS given full time to answer, and he did.

    But those answers are going onto some peoples' hard drives to be used later, you damn betcha.

    The REAL issue here is in context of 'Joe the Plumber's' experience. It's not the interview or the encounter question{s}, it's what happens afterward.

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    On the lighter side..
    SNL: Biden and Murtha in Johnstown

    .. or maybe not lighter.

    And speaking of Murtha, it just COULD be that Pennsylvanians have had enough of the scumsucking gasbag harbinger of all that's WRONG in congressional politics.

    And that has national implications, folks. If that happens look for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to FINALLY launch an investigation into the creep.

    When that happens I'm betting some people are going to have their eyes opened.
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