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    It's not just 'Prime Minister' Pelosi who is living in some la-la land dream world:

    Are they @##$$ Idiiots?

    Lawmaker seeks restrictions on baking soda to fight drugs
    note.. I tried three articles before I found one that named him a Democrat.
    Despite some of you maybe thinking, because of the legislator's name, that I might believe this is some 'Islamist plot' ... No, I just think he's a Democrat.

    Now for the equally insane doings on the other side... After lobbying hard for allies in the successful attempt to embargo North Korean arms sales, the Bush Administration quietly arranged a deal for Ethiopia to buy weapons from the 'House of Ill". There was a good reason, of course... that's the only deal Ethiopia could afford.

    But it shows that the standard old remedies, of punitive sanctions, sometimes have unintended twists... and generally dont work, anyway.

    Perhaps we should call them "Keynesian Sanctions"... heh!

    Oh.. and, speaking of Keynesian, have you heard? Ted Stevens' famous "Bridge to Nowhere" is being shown to cost even the local Alaskans more than they want to pay for the benefits of receiving all that "Free Money" from the US guvmint.

    So he's being shown for the pork-barreler hack that he is... only problem: He like Trent Lott sees no reason to stop doing business "The old tried and true way" and teamed up with Dems to stifle release of data on earmarks added to bills so we could track them.

    And of course those two are republicans so the only way you have to throw the bums out is to elect a Democrat. Probably someone who will demand blade-guards for steak knives.
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