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  1. AtlantaJohn

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    Jan 6, 2005
    Just wanted to make an aplogy for what I perceive as the arrogant remarks some of you might have read on the Fulham UK site, any body who lives on this side of the pond surely realizes that the perception back home (for me) in England is that Americans are at soccer niave and should stick to their football, any of us in the game or who watch the game over here knows how wrong that assumption is. Being a Fulham fan I want my team to win and I hope they do tomorrow, but I honestly feel we are going to get totally outclassed and outplayed, some people back home will call me crazy but they have not seen the progress in the game here, if Donovan plays his game tomorrow the Fulham defenders will have their hands full, and i am sure CC knows this. Fulham is in for a very hard game in Ohio, the weather will be against them, their fitness will be, and what will be more of a surprise to the English Fulhams fans could be the way we get outplayed, I hope I am wrong but I fear not. But back to my first point, some of the posts back home show a arrogance and lack of respect, especially to the growing number of Fulham fans over here who love this team as much if not more than many a fan back home, and being English living in the US I apologize for them.
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    Jul 29, 2005
    There is no need to apologize for someone else's arrogance. They are grown-ups who are capable of reason and manners...why they don't display such qualities is another matter. I have been reading that messageboard for about a year anf half and never felt compelled to post there because of the inflammtory whoa is me and my team I "support" commentary. I know it's not typical English behavior having lived there for two years, and working with UKers in the States.
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    Jan 26, 2005
    I agree, posting there is generally a waste of time. I don't actually follow that board too much.
  4. pettyfog

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    Jan 4, 2005
    Re: RE: MLS

    And which is why some who have posted there, dont anymore; pettyfog, for one.

    Amazing that you can reasonably suggest that Crew beating them was a little bit of a fluke but not surprising.. and MLS - in form- could be expected to win this game but, on the other hand, we can expect Fulham to "sort it" and end up a healthy 7th or 8th in table position.

    And some or most would find this hilarious... therefor, why bother!

    There's FulhamUSA for us realists!

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