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    Here's what we said about him after the signing.

    mitro signing.PNG

    Here's what Denny Odoi says about trying to defend him. I love the "training pole" quote. Hilarious.

    "I don't think you need to have too much contact with him because if you stick against him he's just going to use you as a training pole.
    “You just need to keep your distance.”

    Fair to say nobody saw this coming. Except, maybe, Mitro. And Joka.

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    Mar 4, 2014
    I certainly didn't see that coming. Seven goals in six starts?! Already our #2 goal scorer for the season having played in only 20% of the games. And it isn't just the scoring. He's making plays on defense in the opponent's half. He's clearing corners in our box. And while he doesn't have an assist yet, he's not selfish with the ball and he's willing to pull defenders in and then lay it off to an open teammate. He's exactly what we needed up front.
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  3. SoCalJoe

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    Strikers are for the most part divas. They can be super arrogant combined a hair trigger temper, but also mental fragility. They tend not to be made in the mold of our Brian McBride who was the opposite of those characteristics. From the little I know about Mitro, he needed a manager that gets him. Joka is the perfect gaffer for him. He’s rebuilt Mitro’s confidence, and Fulham are the beneficiaries.
  4. jumpkutz

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    Sep 24, 2011
    Louisville, KY
    Confidence. Yep. It's a very fragile thing, especially in sports. Players are different, but some need more help than others. I think you're exactly right, Joe. The proof is in the results. He may not be fast, quick or pretty, but he's effective.
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    The what-ifs are always fun. As stated, Mitrovic is in his element right now at Fulham. But, what if Benitez had given him more run outs at Newcastle. A major trend among Newcastle supporters is that it wouldn't have helped. "He's a Championship caliber striker; not a Premier League caliber striker." I think some of this is just the fans' way of coping and I've been guilty of the same logic (regarding Matt Smith), but it's certainly a possibility.

    The what-if scenario that keeps going through my head now is What if we get promoted and sign Mitro permanently? Then what if the toon army is right? I know there are a lot of variables that must be met for that scenario to become reality, but it has already crossed my mind a few times.
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