Meltdown Stage 3

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    I watched the Nikkei open last night. On the first hour it was up as much as 160 on the anticipation of the deal being passed. Someone may have had some inside info, though because it closed down 80 or so, compared with a 135 drop on Friday.

    Tonight Nikkei was down 700 plus in the first 15 minutes and is about 500 down as I write.

    Asian stock markets are facing their most drastic downturns in 21 years according to Bloomberg.
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    And just a reminder.. I'd appreciate it if people didnt claim this was a failure of 'Free, Unregulated Market Capitalism'. The market in this capital is by no means free or unregulated. The regulation of it failed, there's no doubt of that. But this market is no freer than the Agricultural Commodities market.
    Which is loaded down with farm subsidies and tariffs.
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