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    Jan 4, 2005
    It was obvious.
    McCain's suspension of campaign was the right thing to do. He was going to Washington, but not to participate in any congressional debate on the bailout. He was going to bring the Republicans in line for a coherent position and bilateral solution to the mess.

    But that didnt happen.

    Instead he adopted, well... brought up John Boehner's alternative which threw the whole thing into chaos. Boehners solution is to use private market forces to bundle and sell the bad debt, which would be a good thing if we had maybe 6 weeks to get it done. Or if it had been done in 2005.

    Then WaMu failed*.

    We dont have the time to set up something private sector. The thing has gotten to critical mass... exactly where some people wanted it and we're left with no choice.

    That is why Bush put up that draconian plan. It removed all responsibility from congress, thus gave them time to come up with something better for all of us.

    John McCain, wake up. Quit covering for your 'esteemed opponents' across the aisle and play their hand, reserving the right to name names later.
    We HAVE to socialize this thing, it's the only 'non-political' alternative.

    That means you have to tell that to GOP and then tell the Dems to get their act together!
    But... giving even 30 minutes to a Boehner solution aint gonna do that.
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